Package org.infohazard.maverick.flow

Interface Summary
Command The Command is the highest entry point of workflow outside of the Dispatcher.
Controller Controller is the interface that all command controllers must implement.
ControllerContext ControllerContext defines the methods and data available to a controller for a single request.
ControllerSingleton ControllerSingleton serves two purposes: First, the presence of this interface on a Controller class indicates to the framework that the controller should be defined as a singleton rather than instantiating a fresh instance for every request.
ModelLifetime If a model implements this interface, method(s) will be called so that the model object can manage internal resources.
Shunt The Shunt interface allows Maverick to automagically determine which of a set of views should be executed based on some arbitrary characteristic of the request.
ShuntFactory Pluggable modules which build Shunts must implement this interface and then be defined in the <modules> section of the Maverick config file.
Transform The Transform interface allows some sort of arbitrary transformation on a set of input data.
TransformContext TransformContext defines the methods and data available to a transform for a single request.
TransformStep The TransformStep defines a transformation step in a single request.
View Views do the work of actually rendering the model.
ViewContext ViewContext defines the methods and data available to a view for a single request.
ViewFactory This interface allows user-defined view factories to be added to the system.

Class Summary
ControllerWithParams This is a Decorator pattern, adding params defined for a controller.
Loader Builds the tree of flow objects which process Maverick commands.
MaverickContext MaverickContext is the concrete class which implements all the other contexts.

Exception Summary
ConfigException Exception which indicates a failure during configuration of Maverick.
NoSuitableModeException Exception which indicates that a Shunt was unable to pick a mode based on current request state.